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Celebrate Passover with Vegan Divas!

Vegan Divas is part of all of your holidays!


Enjoy our special Passover items: Flour-less chocolate cake, matzo covered with dark chocolate or macaroons. You’re absolutely sure to find what you need! Shop here


Gluten Free Macaroons

Our gluten free vanilla macaroons are a delicious and healthy alternative to the traditional sugary and calorific macaroons. These macaroons are made with fresh vanilla beans and almonds which combine to create the perfect vanilla flavor. They are sold in five packs and are ideal for gifts or to snack on at work.

Tory Johnson Secret Sales

Tory Johnson and gang featured 3 of our products on her segment, Secret Sales. All three are 50% off!
And oh by the way, Tory loved the macaroons!
Hurry sale ends at midnight!
Gluten-Free Vanilla Macaroons
Gluten Free Vanilaa macaroons
Sable Cookies
sable cookies
Spelt Chocolate Brownie Tin
splet chocolate brownie tin
Click on the link below to watch the whole segment