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Putting Yourself First in 2014

First the name of this site caught my attention but stayed for the insightful article. I’m all for trying to better yourself from self-improvement techniques, exercising, fitness routines to dieting and eating clean or healthy. But if you don’t have the proper attitude about yourself, no matter what you try, it won’t last.
Here is an Excerpt: “People set dietary resolutions, fitness resolutions, career resolutions, and love resolutions. Everybody wants to see self-improvement, and that’s great. For anyone hoping to find love in the new year,…the best way to get someone else to love and respect you, is to love and respect yourself.”
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Read the rest of it at http://bit.ly/1lFxDiv

“Happy Hanukwanzamas” Holiday Special Interview on Food WRap!

“Food Wrap, is a weekly show on The Go Pro Radio Network that’s all about good eatin’.
foodwrap, vegan, food, diet, christmasFood Enthusiasts Nina Marcalle and Shawna Glover will take you on a delicious journey through the latest trends and traditions in alternative eating from the everyday person’s perspective.”
It will be a great! Please listen – The show will broadcast at 9PM EST and The Vegan Divas will be calling in at 9:25 here is the link http://bit.ly/JCJbXF
To speak with the host call (646) 929-1521