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Toasted Coconut Donuts

These 135 calorie donuts are crumbly, moist and delicious! Instead of deep frying our donuts, we bake them with healthy ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and maple syrup. Then the donuts are topped with fresh coconut shavings to add crunchiness and flavor! Click here to order and use promo code Online10 to save 10% on your next order.


Food&Wine Article!

food and wine best chocolate cakes in us

Our Decadent Chocolate cake was just featured in Food&Wine magazine as one of the best chocolate cakes in the US! Click here to read more. 

Thanksgiving Specials


Preparing a Thanksgiving feast takes time and lots of cooking!  To help you alleviate the cooking, we’ve prepared some specials just for the occasion! Order our delicious Thanksgiving specials to wow your guests with our vegan desserts! You’ll save so much time that can then be allocated to cooking the turkey or be spent relaxing with your family.

Halloween Specials

This fall don’t forget to stop by our store to get some of our wonderful Pumpkin specials! Whether you are looking for something to satisfy the whole family or just for an afternoon snack, we have what you need! The pumpkin pie is great for a family dessert and we promise your kids will love our delicious pumpkin scones!

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An omnivoure’s Take on our Walnut Pâté Apple Sandwich

Lisa Singer, with Global Animal, who’s on the lookout for meatless meals came across our cookbook and decided to give it a look see.
 Lisa had this to say, “As you’d expect, it’s full of healthy, cruelty-free fare, but what might surprise you is how informative and creative it is.”
She went on to say, “It’s not only loaded with great tips on healthy eating, but there’s also a resourceful list of ingredients to use in lieu of the animal products we’re accustomed to cooking with, like eggs and butter.”
She found our Walnut Pâté Apple Sandwich recipe, pictured here, to be quick and easy to make as well as scrumptious to taste!
vegan, Pate, apple, sandwich
Click on the link to see the recipe!

Cookbook for under the tree

Melanie Haupt, from Austin Chronicle, writes: As vegan diets gain more and more traction in the general consciousness of American eaters, more and more vegan cookbooks make their way onto bookstore shelves and into the hands of adventurous cooks looking for plant-based alternatives to their favorite foods.

Read the whole article at

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Vegan Divas Cookbook

‘The Vegan Divas Cookbook’ makes the perfect holiday gift

The Vegan Divas Cookbook: Delicious Desserts, Plates, and Treats from the Famed New York City Bakery, published this fall by HarperCollins, is a refreshing and delicious combination of heartfelt commitment, cruelty-free recipes, and sweet treats just perfect for the holiday season. 

Vegan Diva Cookbook
The Vegan Diva

Check it out!  If you know someone who is planning a lifestyle change for the new year that involves nutrition, diet or exercise, Vegan cuisine is heart healthy, and will help cut refined sugar from their diet too.