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We developed these soy candles with an artisanal manufactury and together created two unique smooth aromas; the Lemongrass Basil and the Oatmeal Lavander.  

They are perfect for every seasons and make an exciting gift!

These products are proudly handmade in Florida.

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Is the Second Time the Charm?

Beyoncé appears to be taking another try at becoming a vegan.
Ashley Williams, from HipHollywood, wrote: “It looks like Beyoncé is embarking on yet another 22 day vegan challenge. No meat, no animal products.”
vegan, chocolate, banana, beyonce
She continued: “On Wednesday, the “Drunk in Love” singer posted a photo on Instagram of a yummy peanut butter chocolate bar, topped with bananas. The caption read, “#22daysvegan.””
We’ll see if she decides to stay the course and go a little longer than 22 days but taking a look at her, here recently at the Grammys, she looks great.
beyonce, grammys, michael costello, tom lorenzo
Beyonce in Michael Costello 2014 Grammys
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Hotties Going Green

I’ve been seeing people of all walks of life really making conscious decisions about what they eat and even more so what they wear!
Some of the more popular brands are Stewart & Brown, Faye Silky Vest, OmniPeace and TOMS among others.
In fact, these types of manufacturers generally give back to the community in various ways. OminPeace states they contribute 25% of their net profits for charities that promote human rights, education and peace. TOMS says that every pair of shoes they sell, they offer a pair to needy children.
TechTXR Transmitting Technology goes on to say:
“Celebrities fortunately are embracing accessories and apparels designed by the renowned green fashion designers thereby influencing the purchasing habits of their die-hard fans.”
Here Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow and Courtney Cox showing off their OmniPeace T-shirts.
courtney cox, sheryl crow, jennifer aniston, omni peace t-shirt, green
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Vegan Skincare for Babies!

I believe the more and more we research, investigate and expand our knowledge about products like these, for kids even, we will become a cruelty and animal free society.
I saw this cute little post, by 7x7xMommy Blogger, about a vegan baby skincare product and just had to read on.
Here is 7x7xMommy initial reaction to this new product: “I jumped at the opportunity to test out a new product called Oh My DeVita Baby….Their products are 100% vegan, paraben free, and tear free (our favorite part considering the splash parties that occur in the girl’s tub).”
baby, bath, bubbles, oh my devita baby
 I see in the near future an ever-expanding merchandise lines reaching across all sorts of brands – very exciting!
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Take Caution with the Cold

I came across this article and was surprised by some of these myths on the Medical Center of  University of Rochester site. Here are a couple of myths they examine.
For example is dressing in layers the best way to keep warm?
winter, cold, myths, caution, tips







By Rieben, Craig L, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Or whose hands and feet get colder first, men or women?
Please read the article here to find the answers to these as well as several others.

Katy Perry Healthy Backstage Party

I like her, her music and I like that she is thinking and acting healthy. She is a good role model and I’m glad to read about this.
Here’s a little bit.
“According to Katy asks for: ”Fresh vegetables AT ALL TIMES – including spinach/broccoli/celery/beets/carrots/kale, etc.
”Two large baskets of fruit – one must be tropical.
”Dinner must include a vegetarian option … plus Quinoa or couscous. ALL meals must be low-fat and health conscious and cannot contain MSG.”
Katy perry, healthy, veggies, fresh, fruit, vegetables, vegan
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Faux Fur is the New Fashion Karma

I was born in the tropics and will never get used to the cold weather. So I started to look for warm weather faux fur designers and came across  vegan designer, Stella McCartney.
Stella McCartney was the pioneering designer to create faux fur pieces, and others were soon to follow, like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Karl Lagerfeld.
Now there are some truly wonderful pieces using the new technologies that will keep you warm and in fashion this winter – no excuses to wear real fur any more. I have been picking and choosing pieces over the past few years and have put together a short list of my favorites.
My Faux Fur Guide:
This parka, by Stelli Segal, is perfect for a casual look:
faux fur, vegan
Grey is always elegant and neutral, Capitol Couture jacket by Trish Summerville:
faux fur, vegan
This is a great look and quality feel.
faux fur, vegan
Calvin Klein goes well with pants or with something dressier.
faux fur, vest, calvin klein, vegan
Another vest by Karl Lagerfeld:
faux fur, vest, lagerfeld, vegan
For the toddler:
faux fur, vegan toddler, hoodie
If you like floral pattern, this is a great option:
faux fur, floral, vegan, hoodie
This is perfect for Ice Queens:
faux fur, vegan, stella mccartney
When is frosty outside you will need something like this:
kenneth cole, macy, vegan, faux fur
Stella McCartney makes faux fur cozy and fun:
stella mccartney, faux fur, sweater, vegan
And don’t forget your hat!
faux fur, hat, vegan

Thoughtful Threads That Are Stylish And Inspirational!

I consider my style “effortless chic” and was looking for a clothier that provided me with style and the greatest selection.
Then I came upon Threads for Thought!
They are perfect for dynamic and busy people. I can throw on almost anything to start my day in the kitchen, then off to meetings and finish the day at the gym! They’re comfortable and cozy, with a nice cut that makes me feel dressy.
I’m not surprised that this clothing brand is beloved by celebrities, fashion editors and national retailers!
I am really addicted to their whole line but these are some of my favorites.
Cozy Stripe Glove
The open ended glove allows for texting, driving (but not at the same time!) and just about anything else.
 gloves, coxy, opened fingers,
Mondrian Colorblock Top
This athletic-inspired long sleeve top is perfect for a meeting then lounging afterwards.
mondriancolorblocktop copy
Delphine Skirt
This ruffle knit style is a figure flattering fit that is ankle length with side slits. Wear with tights or leggings for a warm, funky yet feminine winter look!
delphineskirt copy
Dusty Top
This sporty long sleeve top will be a great addition to your everyday wear for fall and winter. It just might become your favorite little dotted tee!
dustytop copy
Burnout Mondrian Top
Looking for comfort and style in one long sleeve top? Look no further than this comfortable and cozy number.
burnouttop copy
Please read what they are all about at the following link
I love them for more than their clothing line. I love their story, two American entrepreneurs who meet in college with a shared a passion for humanitarian principles. The ideas they developed produced a line of graphic t-shirts using sustainable materials with graphics inspired by issues that they cared deeply about.
Please click on the link to see a video on what ethical manufacturing means



Our bûche de Noël gets Noticed by Vegansaurus!

Vegansaurus, a bi-coastal vegan lifestyle guide since 2008, of all things vegan. Got a hold of one of our Yule Logs and loved it!
“Vegan Divas, your favorite health-conscious vegan bakery, has created this decadent bûche de Noël! Or Yule Log, to us local folk.” – Vegansaurus
vegan, yule log, vegansaurus, mousse, chocolate
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Pili Oil – the anti-aging elixir!

I’m really very careful not just about what I eat, but also what I put on my skin. I don’t use any chemicals, alcohol or animal tested products. So this limits what I can use. Fortunately, I came across “MY Prime,” an anti-aging line that features two superior botanical oils – Pili oil and Moringa oil – which are both found in the Philippines.
My Prime Skin Care
Notably, My Prime, is the first brand to bring to market skin care products that incorporate Pili oil. I tested the whole product line and I really love the Transformative Night Cream.
My Prime - Image #1
I use it every night before bed. It’s natural and gets fully absorbed into my skin without leaving it feeling oily, I love the smell too!
Tessa Yutadco, vegan, anti-aging, skincare, my prime
The Founder, Tessa Yutaco, started the business in a quest for effective botanicals which ultimately lead me back to the Philippines, where she was born and raised until the age of 16. “As part of my research in the Philippines, I discovered the miraculous skin care and wellness benefits found in Pili and Moringa oils. At the same time, I worked with a leading skin care scientist in the United States to identify innovative active ingredients. Together we created products that fused the best of nature and science. The result is My Prime Anti-Aging Formulas.” The product line is sold on the website and in retailers in California.