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We have the best cake for your event!

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We created these delicious and light layered cakes for your next Summer event.
Designed with no frosting, they are great options for the season!
Available in 3 different flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Velvet!


Toasted Coconut Donuts

These 135 calorie donuts are crumbly, moist and delicious! Instead of deep frying our donuts, we bake them with healthy ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and maple syrup. Then the donuts are topped with fresh coconut shavings to add crunchiness and flavor! Click here to order and use promo code Online10 to save 10% on your next order.

Gluten Free Macaroons

Our gluten free vanilla macaroons are a delicious and healthy alternative to the traditional sugary and calorific macaroons. These macaroons are made with fresh vanilla beans and almonds which combine to create the perfect vanilla flavor. They are sold in five packs and are ideal for gifts or to snack on at work.

Holiday Log!

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With Christmas fast approaching, now is the perfect time to order our delicious holiday log! The Vegan Divas Yule is a chocolate lover’s dream! It’s a four way chocolate cake with the interior padded with a double chocolate cookie and chocolate filling which is topped with a smooth coat of chocolate glacage sprinkled with gold dust. The best part is that each serving is only a mere 161 calories!! It’s the healthiest Christmas dessert you can eat!

Click here to order!

Isweet Magazine


Fernanda has been invited by Jacob Torreblanca and Paco Torreblanca to write a monthly column in their Isweet magazine!! With the help of these kings of patisserie, Fernanda will be sharing vegan and healthy desserts worldwide! Click here  to read the magazine


Eggplants are one of the most healthiest vegetables! With their big amounts of fiber, they can reduce the risk of colon cancer. This high dose of fiber is perfect for a weight loss diet because after eating an eggplant, you feel satisfied and you won’t be tempted to eat more! Eggplants are filled with water, which is what our bodies are primarily composed of. By eating eggplants you will get a better skin tone because they will leave you hydrated and ready to go on with your day!

Demos at Agatha Valentina

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Come to Agatha Valentina’s uptown location (1505 1st Ave, New York, NY 10075) to try our delicious desserts!

 If your planning on doing some early weekend shopping on Friday the 21st of November, stop by the Vegan Divas tasting booth between 2 pm and 4 pm. This is a unique opportunity to taste all of our new pumpkin specials!  These goods are great for an afternoon snack, so don’t forget to bring your friends and family to come and enjoy the opportunity!