Coffee lover and tiramisu !

Coffee lover and tiramisu !
Since I’m a Brazilian born and a coffee lover, I’m always searching for great coffee flavors around the Globe.
This Summer, after a trip to Italy, I decided to create a new dessert with some of my favorite ingredients: coffee. And of course it would be a tiramisu, probably the World’s most famous dessert.
I made this Tiramisu at home, using my Nespresso machine. I recently discovered  Gourmesso, they are compatible to Nespresso capsules but 30% cheaper. Their quality is great, my favorite flavor is the Brasile Blend Dolce, and that’s what I used to make my tiramisu.
Here is what I did; and anyone can make it at home. I got some Vegan Divas chocolate chip cookies and crumbled them. I put them in a small bowl and poured 2 shots of the Gourmesso Coffee. Left them rest for 10 minutes in the fridge so they get soft. I took 4 glasses and put the mix in each glass. That will be the first layer. After I added the Vegan Divas vanilla cream gently with a spoon or with a piping bag (recipe on The Vegan Divas cookbook) as the second layer. The top will be the gluten free chocolate mousse (recipe on the vegan Divas cookbook). I topped the glass with cocoa powder to decorate. Keep it in the fridge 30 minutes and it’s ready to serve!
This tiramisu was a very successful dessert in a impromptu dinner party over the Summer! The curious thing was that people couldn’t believe the dessert was dairy-free.
You can be creative and change the look of the dessert by preparing it in more elegant long glasses or simply in a large glass bowl and eat family style!
Enjoy it!
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