New Assortment Cupcakes!!!!!



   Did you know Cupcakes were invented in 1829? That’s a very long time ago!! But now in the 21st century, we’ve created cupcakes with a twist; they’re Vegan!!

   With our Assortment of 12 cupcakes, you will be able to savor the goodness of Chocolate, Vanilla and Red Velvet cupcakes topped with Chocolate and Vanilla icing all while knowing that they are 100% Vegan!! Isn’t this insane!!!

  Imagine bringing an assortment of healthy cupcakes to company events or birthdays!! At company events you will finally be able to please those employees who don’t eat sweets because they are bad for them, or at your child’s birthday parties, you’ll finally be able to provide healthy treats! Children will love the cupcakes while parents will be intrigued and will nibble on these 45 calorie marvels!!!

    After taking a bite, the mouthwatering texture of the cupcake will leave you with a lingering effect that will leave you savoring the delicate but yummy texture of our cupcakes. Our vegan cupcakes are made only with healthy ingredients that won’t hurt your body. These cupcakes are better than any you’ve ever tasted because they won’t leave you with a buttery or oily after-taste!  After you eat one of our cupcakes, you won’t be left feeling guilty since you won’t be splurging a ridiculous amount of calories on a cupcake!!  We promise you that these vegans, low calorie cupcakes will not disappoint and they will definitely show you that being vegan does not have to stop you from enjoying life’s little pleasures!!



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