Joonbug listed our Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

Sarah Romeu, from Joonbug, celebrated National Chocolate Cake day by listing several chocolate cakes that can be found around New York City.
She starts out with a little history and so I became curious why January 27 and when it started but to no avail – I couldn’t find an answer to either.
“Traditionally made with chocolate batter and chocolate frosting, … in the mid 1930’s when companies like Duncan Hines made it easier to cook chocolate cakes at home…”
“Fast forward to the 80’s & 90’s and you’ll see where chocolate cakes got an extreme makeover in the form of chocolate molten cakes with liquid chocolate centers and chocolate cakes infused with tasty and unique flavors….”
chocolate cake
Now they are gluten and cruelty free!!!
They had this to say about our Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake!
“This flourless and rich cake is made from almond flour as a substitute for anyone who is sensitive to gluten. This completely vegan chocolate cake will wow your tastebuds with its richness and flavor!”
vegan divas, gluten-free, chocolate cake
To see all the rest please click here

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