Finding Vegan Substitutes

One thing that seems to be a stumbling block for people making the switch to vegetarian or vegan is finding substitutes.
Flavor is the most difficult thing to replicate but not the only consideration when looking for substitute.
The substance that the original ingredient provides is actually more important.
You need to make sure you are getting the proper nutritional benefits as well.
I saw this neat little blog, Maria’s Self, that simply went over most of the vitamins and proteins and what you can swap out.
Maria states: ” Going vegan may sound like a healthy decision, yet it can end up detrimental to our health if we don’t find vegan substitutes for the nutrients found in animal products.”
She wraps it up with: “P.S. Going vegan without comprising your health and well-being can get pretty challenging, but with proper calculations and discipline – it’s really darn rewarding and totally worth it!!!
vegan substitutes
Please see the whole article at

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