The death of All-Vegatarian/Vegan restaurants? was lamenting the fact that a couple of her favorite all vegetarian/vegan places to grab a quick bite had recently closed in NYC.
Ali states here: “While vegetarianism and veganism are becoming more accepted and more popular, and more non-vegetarian restaurants are offering vegan options on their menus, it is scary to see some of my favorite all-vegetarian/vegan places in NYC being driven out of business by rent costs and other factors.”
I don’t believe that is the whole truth as to why all-vegetarian/vegan places are closing.
I believe it is due to the fact, as she correctly points out, that vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are becoming more integrated into the mainstream, that includes restaurants. Therefore the ‘all or nothing’ places are just simply losing customers. People eat in groups, and those groups will have different diet requirements. They are choosing those restaurants that offer them a variety of options to meet the groups needs.
It’s a poor business decisions to NOT include other food fare. This is progress, painful as it is to some, and I think will be good in the long run.
vegan, burger
Read the whole article here

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