Hotties Going Green

I’ve been seeing people of all walks of life really making conscious decisions about what they eat and even more so what they wear!
Some of the more popular brands are Stewart & Brown, Faye Silky Vest, OmniPeace and TOMS among others.
In fact, these types of manufacturers generally give back to the community in various ways. OminPeace states they contribute 25% of their net profits for charities that promote human rights, education and peace. TOMS says that every pair of shoes they sell, they offer a pair to needy children.
TechTXR Transmitting Technology goes on to say:
“Celebrities fortunately are embracing accessories and apparels designed by the renowned green fashion designers thereby influencing the purchasing habits of their die-hard fans.”
Here Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow and Courtney Cox showing off their OmniPeace T-shirts.
courtney cox, sheryl crow, jennifer aniston, omni peace t-shirt, green
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