Reflections on being a vegetarian

I thought this was a nice post by Ashley at

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She was reflecting on the changes she seen and learned after being a vegetarian for 9 years.
Here are a couple of points I thought were of particular interest:
“People aren’t sure what the difference between vegetarian and vegan are. Almost every time I mention that I’m vegetarian, someone asks me if I eat eggs and dairy. I do! I love cheese! If I didn’t eat those things, I’d say I was a vegan. Now gimme that cheese.”
“It’s popular to try out vegetarianism. Until it’s not.”
“It’s not all or nothing. For me, it is. It was easier to just say, “I’m a vegetarian” than say, “Well, I don’t really like meat,””
“Don’t get caught up in rules.”
She makes some other observations as well. I also think it’s great that people try it as a cleanse or 22 day vegan diet. This enables people to see what it takes to make the commitment to going meatless.
To see the rest of it please click here

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