A Vegan History

I saw this on New York Magazine and felt it would be good to share, as I do like a bit of history :~D
Vegan Society founder, Donald Watson, created the term ‘Vegan’ for people who were milk-and-egg-free vegetarians.
Here are a couple of highlights in vegan history:
“Rejecting reader suggestions like “dairyban” and “sanivore,” Watson picks “vegan” as the name for a nondairy, eggless, vegetarian diet. Also dismissed: “vegetarian” and “fruitarian,” because they’re two words “already associated with societies that allow the ‘fruits’ of cows and fowls.”
Bearded bohemian guru Father Yod opens the Source restaurant, a vegan hot spot on L.A.’s Sunset Strip that attracts celebrity eaters from Marlon Brando to John Lennon.”
“Celebrity ellen degenerese, portia de rossi, veganveganism’s tastemakers Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have a vegan wedding catered by chef Tal Ronnen, who the same year prepares Oprah’s 21-day vegan cleanse, meant to remind the media mogul “how the food we consume every day got to be on our plates.”
Alicia-Silverstone_-2013-American-Music-Awards--03“Alicia Silverstone’s (One of Vegan Divas favorites!) vegan cookbook The Kind Diet tops theTimes best-seller list. “I just didn’t know my potential at the time,” the Clueless star says of her pre-vegan film days.”
A nice, quick little piece that’s informative!
Please see the rest at http://nym.ag/1ePCQCe

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