Kind Kravings a Vegan Food Truck

When I read this story, it made my heart melt but also gave me a lift. My heart gets filled with goodness when I read about people overcoming personal obstacles.
Denise, of Dining with Denise in Wichita, wrote about Rochelle Collins struggles over the past few years with both of her parents succumbing to cancer.
Denise writes, “It was a horrible experience, she said, and it caused her to become a bit of an expert in holistic healing and clean eating.
Collins plans to mix that knowledge and her own culinary skills to open a new food truck, which she’ll call Kind Kravings.”

vegan, food, truck, trailer

Denise continues, “The business, which will be set up in a vintage trailer she found, should be open by late spring or early summer. It will serve the kinds of healthy, vegan fare Collins has been eating since her parents got sick.”
I think this is just fantastic when people try to make the world around them a better place.
Please read the complete story at:

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