Clean Plates Assists You to Eat Clean

We are constantly looking for new ways to promote and inform people about healthy eating. We came upon Clean Plates and immediately, Vegan Divas wanted to be “Clean Plates Approved.” That means we underwent a rigorous screening process which scrutinizes everything, for example, is the produce we use organic, is the meat hormone-free, and also charted our food preparation methods, including the availability of natural sweeteners and more.
Here is some more info from Jared Koch, founder and CEO, sent along to explain further regarding what they do.
Clean Plates gives you everything you need and want to eat clean. Eat what?  Eat clean, or clean eating, if you prefer.
Eating clean can improve your life in untold ways and you don’t have to do anything extraordinary or extreme. You don’t need to give up meat, learn molecular chemistry, buy weird unpronounceable stuff or eat food with a taste that leaves something to be desired.
All you need to do is make some different choices — and Clean Plates is there to help you every step of the way to make those choices easy.
With Clean Plates you’ll know:
  • About restaurants that source their food locally
  • Where you can find the best gluten-free desserts
  • What is Moringa and why is everyone suddenly talking about it
  • Conscientious consumer micro-brews and distilleries. Drink good AND do good.
  • Nationwide food and healthy eating events
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