Faux Fur is the New Fashion Karma

I was born in the tropics and will never get used to the cold weather. So I started to look for warm weather faux fur designers and came across  vegan designer, Stella McCartney.
Stella McCartney was the pioneering designer to create faux fur pieces, and others were soon to follow, like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Karl Lagerfeld.
Now there are some truly wonderful pieces using the new technologies that will keep you warm and in fashion this winter – no excuses to wear real fur any more. I have been picking and choosing pieces over the past few years and have put together a short list of my favorites.
My Faux Fur Guide:
This parka, by Stelli Segal, is perfect for a casual look:
faux fur, vegan
Grey is always elegant and neutral, Capitol Couture jacket by Trish Summerville:
faux fur, vegan
This is a great look and quality feel.
faux fur, vegan
Calvin Klein goes well with pants or with something dressier.
faux fur, vest, calvin klein, vegan
Another vest by Karl Lagerfeld:
faux fur, vest, lagerfeld, vegan
For the toddler:
faux fur, vegan toddler, hoodie
If you like floral pattern, this is a great option:
faux fur, floral, vegan, hoodie
This is perfect for Ice Queens:
faux fur, vegan, stella mccartney
When is frosty outside you will need something like this:
kenneth cole, macy, vegan, faux fur
Stella McCartney makes faux fur cozy and fun:
stella mccartney, faux fur, sweater, vegan
And don’t forget your hat!
faux fur, hat, vegan

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