Tea Drinkers Beware!

“The ancient Chinese tradition of drinking tea dates back thousand of years to the early Chinese dynasties and aristocrats who drank the beverage for its medicinal properties. In ancient times, leaves from the Camellia Sinensis (the tea plant) were either ground into a powder or placed as loose leaves directly into water to infuse it with herbal essence. Unfortunately, modern day tea is nothing like the unadulterated version of old tea.” – FoodBabe
tea, gmo, pesticides, vegan, healthy, cancer,
I read that and was a little disturbed by it, as we drink a lot of tea, especially in winter.  I was intrigued so I read on to see what else she had to say.
“Did you know that most tea is not washed before it is put it into bags? That means if the tea was sprayed with cancer-causing pesticides, those pesticides go directly into your cup. And this is the reason why tea is on myorganic shopping priority list.”
Please read this post as it is as eye opening as a freshly brewed cup of tea! http://bit.ly/1l5iPJR

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