Foods to Keep you Warm!

With winter upon us full force, creature comforts are a necessity.
vegan, snow, chocolate, cake

See page for author,via Wikimedia Commons

Natalia Sloam of Head to Toe, a Health and Wellness Site stated: “To Keep you happy and balanced during these dark days we asked Fernanda Capobianco, chef and owner of Vegan Divas (, a gourmet baked goods store in New York, for a couple of her favourite guilt-free yet nourishing recipes. Firstly, a pumpkin rice dish that is easy to make and full of nutrients, “I love this recipe because it’s one full meal. It’s fiber-rich from the rice, you have vitamins A and B from the pumpkin and also all the good fats in the avocado, explained Fernanda, “and it’s perfect for the winter because it’s a consistent dish and you have the sweet, spice, salty and “fatty” flavors. You can add some pumpkin seeds or hazelnut if you want to added crunchiness.”
See the recipe for the Pumpkin Rice Dish as well as the Decadent Chocolate layered Cake here:

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