Pili Oil – the anti-aging elixir!

I’m really very careful not just about what I eat, but also what I put on my skin. I don’t use any chemicals, alcohol or animal tested products. So this limits what I can use. Fortunately, I came across “MY Prime,” an anti-aging line that features two superior botanical oils – Pili oil and Moringa oil – which are both found in the Philippines.
My Prime Skin Care
Notably, My Prime, is the first brand to bring to market skin care products that incorporate Pili oil. I tested the whole product line and I really love the Transformative Night Cream.
My Prime - Image #1
I use it every night before bed. It’s natural and gets fully absorbed into my skin without leaving it feeling oily, I love the smell too!
Tessa Yutadco, vegan, anti-aging, skincare, my prime
The Founder, Tessa Yutaco, started the business in a quest for effective botanicals which ultimately lead me back to the Philippines, where she was born and raised until the age of 16. “As part of my research in the Philippines, I discovered the miraculous skin care and wellness benefits found in Pili and Moringa oils. At the same time, I worked with a leading skin care scientist in the United States to identify innovative active ingredients. Together we created products that fused the best of nature and science. The result is My Prime Anti-Aging Formulas.” The product line is sold on the website  www.makemyyours.com and in retailers in California.

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