First ever BVI Wine & Food Festival

I just came back from the British Virgin Islands – besides swimming with sharks, I was there for the first Food and Wine Festival in BVI.
vegan, bvi, fernanda, tripA new and dynamic event combining the talents of the best chefs in the Territory along with internationally renowned names in the culinary and wine making worlds. For three days, visitors and residents alike will be able to sample, learn, feast or lounge through our menu of a la carte events.
Oh, and it was such a wonderful event, surprisingly though, even being on tropical islands, it was really hard to find fruits and vegetables. You see the locals, unfortunately for me, eat mostly fried foods and goat.
chef cesare caella
Chef Cesare Casella
I got lucky because one of the chefs, Cesare Casella, who was participating on the event saved the day!
Farro Risotto, vegan
Farro Risotto
Chef Cesare prepared especially for me a Farro Risotto with vegetables.
baths, virgin gorda, trip, beach
The Baths of Virgin Gorda
The highlight of the trip, however, was the Baths of Virgin Gorda
virgin gorda, baths, vegan, bviThere was a storm that day so I had the beach almost to myself. It was one of the best meditation practices I ever had!

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